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The best accessible hospitality, meeting and event location in the Netherlands!

You can meet in a unique way at Grand Café Restaurant 1e Klas, the hidden gem of Amsterdam, because the restaurant is located on platform 2B at Amsterdam Centraal Station. The authentic location has an excellent restaurant and two private rooms: the 1st Class Waiting Room and the 4 Seasons Waiting Room.

Between 1881 and 1889 the famous Dutch Chief Government Architect Dr. Pierre Cuypers designed the Central Station in Amsterdam and still a lot of his architecture is left. His craftsmanship is praised as the man who breathed new life into architecture in the Netherlands. Influential and inspirational for many such as H.P. Berlage and Michel de Klerk. We are proud that a part of its architecture can still be admired in our restaurant.

Grand Café Restaurant 1e Klas is located in the old waiting rooms, which have been completely restored. A place full of inspiration and authenticity! A place where presentations and meetings immediately give a unique feeling. In 1e Klas it still feels like you are in the 19th century and as eye catcher it has beautiful ornaments, murals, wood paneling and an impressive Victorian bar.
The English quality newspaper The Guardian placed 1e Klas at number 1 as the best station restaurant in Europe!

This monumental hospitality, meeting and event location is suitable for meetings, workshops, presentations, network meetings, breakfast and lunch sessions, dinners and parties for up to 250 people. Further we are also happy to arrange in additions to you event your day out in Amsterdam. We work closely with various partners to take care of your excursions in the city.
Prefer a little more privacy? Then you can rent one of the waiting rooms.

At the bottom of the page you can find our packages, meeting packages and group activities.

There is a parking garage within walking distance of the station: Parking Centrum Oosterdok for a maximum of € 20.00 per day.

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The Four Seasons Room

The Four Seasons room is the most historic place for a meeting or event in Amsterdam. The waiting rooms are a design by the architects P.J.H. Cuypers and A.L. van Gendt. In 1881 this space served as an exclusive dining room for the 1st Class passenger, now a century later this room is available to everyone. You can come here with smaller groups up to 40 - 50 people. The Four Seasons room can be rented for a half day or for a full day. Ther…

The First Class Waiting Room

This classic room with an impressive Cuyperian style bar was once used as a waiting room for the 1st Class passenger. The Waiting Room can accommodate 130 people in a dinner set-up and 250 people in a reception set-up and there is a beamer, a large screen and a microphone available. Formally or informally, the team at Grand Café Restaurant 1e Klas is happy to build the perfect setting for you. The First Class Waiting Room can be rented …

Private dining in a historic atmosphere

Four season room This authentic private room has served since 1881 as an exclusive dining room for the 1st class passenger. Nowadays this authentic entourage is accessible to everyone. The four-season room is very suitable for smaller groups of up to 32 to 40 people who need privacy with a touch of nostalgia. This unique space can be rented for a day part or a whole day. In square layout (square) this room offers space for a group of up to 19 pe…

Group Packages

Grand Café Restaurant 1st Class works together with various event agencies and shipping companies to organize a group outing in Amsterdam. There are various options for dressing up your outing, and this goes from a dinner game to a complete theme party. Choose from different packages or put together a group package with the 1st Class team. In addition, a number of combination packages can be booked, such as a cruise, tour, treasure hunts …