Private dining in a historic atmosphere

Four season room

This authentic private room has served since 1881 as an exclusive dining room for the 1st class passenger. Nowadays this authentic entourage is accessible to everyone. The four-season room is very suitable for smaller groups of up to 32 to 40 people who need privacy with a touch of nostalgia. This unique space can be rented for a day part or a whole day. In square layout (square) this room offers space for a group of up to 19 people. With a block arrangement (4x8) it is possible to stay here with a maximum number of 32 people. In the case of receptions, the maximum number of people is 40.

First class waiting room

At the end of 1900 this large waiting room was only accessible to the well-to-do 1st class passenger. Now this chic, multifunctional event space is suitable for meetings, drinks, dinners, presentations, parties, receptions, classical concerts, lectures and other occasions. The classic room with impressive Cuyperian-style bar offers space for a maximum of 250 people. In addition, a suitable set-up is possible for every occasion. In addition, you can use a projector, a large screen and a microphone for all your events.

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